Compact folding. Simplified.

Introducing the brand new M-Series compact trolley range. Developed to offer an 11% smaller folded footprint than its nearest competitor. The simple folding system & revolutionary inverting wheels provides the ultimate ‘car boot friendly’ trolley, perfect for easy transportation & storage.


Packed with game enhancing features, the new M-Series is powered by a 'next generation' 28V high power system, making it twice as powerful as traditional trolleys & allowing it to use a super-light compact Lithium battery. Other standout features include a powerful, whisper-quiet 230W motor; simple handle height adjustment; oversize tubing for ultimate handle stability & the ability to transport and charge the battery without the need to remove. Whatever your needs, there's an M-Series trolley for you.

Think Small, Think M-Series.

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  1. M1 Electric Trolley
    M1 Electric Trolley

    The most simple-to-use compact trolley in the world

  2. M1 DHC Electric Trolley
    M1 DHC Electric Trolley

    The most simple-to-use compact trolley with Downhill Control

  3. M3 GPS Electric Trolley
    NEW M3 GPS Electric Trolley

    GPS model with new dynamic green view and a 2.8" responsive touchscreen

  4. M3 GPS DHC Electric Trolley Folded
    NEW M3 GPS DHC Electric Trolley

    Fully-integrated GPS, responsive touchscreen & Downhill Control

  5. M5 GPS Electric Trolley Folded
    M5 GPS Electric Trolley

    Integrated GPS, responsive touchscreen and game-enhancing features

  6. M5 GPS DHC Electric Trolley Folded
    M5 GPS DHC Electric Trolley

    Adds Downhill Control and an electronic parking brake to the M5 GPS

  7. M7 REMOTE Electric Trolley
    M7 REMOTE Electric Trolley

    Remote control technology combined with cutting-edge M-Series functionality

  8. M-TECH Electric Trolley
    M-TECH GPS Electric Trolley

    Luxury finishes, extended warranty and integrated GPS technology